Workshop Facilitator (Perth) - Belinda McCawley

Nature based mindfulness experiences can offer practical and innovative solutions to overcome societies challenges, including mental and physical health and the environmental crisis.

Connecting with nature provides the foundation for resilient, healthy ecosystems, communities, and economies to thrive and remain for generations to come.

Environmental Scientist and qualified Forest Therapy Guide, Belinda McCawley leads your group through a fascinating workshop looking at how human health, environment and society fit together.

You will discover an approach where all parts of this interconnected system can thrive together. This is an empowering and optimistic way forward that delivers inspiration as well as practical ideas.


  • Bachelor of Science, Environmental Management
  • Diploma of Management
  • Diploma Work Health & Safety
  • Graduate Certificate, Sustainable Development
  • Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP)
  • Registered Meditation Teacher
  • Accredited Mental Health First Aider
  • International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA) Accredited Forest Therapy Guide
  • Metropolitan or Regional

  • Groups Size: 10-50

  • Half Day or Full Day

  • Support Materials  Provided

  • Engaging Fun Activities

If you are planning an event and you'd like to engage Belinda to speak with your group please get in touch as early as possible.

Tailored To Your Needs
Creative Thinking
& Inclusive

Why Engage Belinda As A Facilitator?

Make your planning days and workshops more enjoyable and effective. Belinda's facilitated process can bring your group together to discover their shared purpose. This process will help plan and create activity that supports human health, a thriving environment and a healthy society.

What Can Be Achieved

  • Educate and Inspire Your Group
  • Develop Creative and Innovative Solutions
  • Feel Motivated to Take Strategic Action.

Health, Environment & Society Workshop Facilitation