Mindful In Nature

The term "forest therapy" is one way to describe mindful experiences in nature. Several cultures have their own terms for it, and it is the subject of a range of scientific studies. Our mission is to share the practice of forest therapy with people who are keen to improve the quality of their lives. We consult with companies and regions about how to facilitate these experiences for others. If you live or work in stressful circumstances or if you have natural environments you'd like to activate, we can assist you to apply a scientific approach to a healthier mind and body.



Belinda McCawley

Belinda McCawley - Founder of Mindful in Nature

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Management
Diploma of Management
Diploma Work Health & Safety
Graduate Certificate, Sustainable Development
Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP)
Registered Meditation Teacher
Accredited Mental Health First Aider
International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA) Accredited Forest Therapy Guide

As a certified environmental practitioner, Belinda is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations. 

Belinda's passion for the natural environment began as a teenager growing up in Western Australia's South West. Her parents would take her into the Jarrah forest looking for firewood. She noticed how all her teenage worries faded when she wandered in the bushland. 



Belinda  studied environmental management as a mature age student and went onto a corporate career as an environmental scientist. Belinda's work included developing environmental impact assessments, sustainable development projects and conservation programs.

Then a phone call changed everything. A teenager in her close family received a devastating diagnosis.

Belinda stepped into a key support role over the next few years of gruelling treatment. To manage her own high levels of stress, Belinda turned to meditation and eventually qualified as a meditation teacher. Meditation helped her to support the family as they came to terms with the painful decline and eventual loss of their precious teenager. Meditation had proved its value in the toughest of circumstances.

Through these same years, an increasing number of scientific studies were proving the health benefits of meditation and walking in nature. For Belinda this was no surprise. She knew first hand how powerful these practices could be, but until now she hadn't considered putting the two together. 


There can be significant times in your life when several threads come together.

At that moment your mission becomes clear.

You know what you are meant to do with your one precious life.

The combination of personal experience and scientific evidence combined to conduct a set of personal commitments.

  • To integrate biological systems to promote resilience, essential for the sustained maintenance of human well being and the planet.
  • To conduct mindful forest therapy experiences for people experiencing stress in their everyday lives. 
  • To engage with companies and municipalities to activate their natural environments for the benefit of people who live there.


INFTA Accredited Forest Therapy Guide
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Mental Health First Aider
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