Activate your Natural Areas, Conservation Areas & Land Developments.

When we have a relationship with nature, we have an innate desire to protect it.

Facilitate public health practice
Reduce Vandalism
Create more secure spaces
Reduce Maintenance Costs
Increase People Presence
Increase pro-conservation behaviours
Maximise Positive Land Use


We are part of nature, we come from the forests. Mindful in Nature takes the human element of our relationship with nature and works with land developers and land managers to create forest therapy spaces and programs to protect the natural environment and improve public health.

Who We Work With

Land Developers, Municipalities, The Department of Parks and Wildlife, Private Enterprise

What We Do

What we do – We provide consultancy services to identify, improve and develop natural spaces for forest therapy programs to facilitate public health practise.

The Process

Step 1

Choose A Site or Bushland Area

Identify a space that is new, underutilized, used for rubbish dumping or trouble making.

Step 2

Arrange An Onsite Consultation

Arrange a fixed fee site visit by an environmental scientist. Discuss the issues with the site and what you'd like to achieve. Receive a report with recommendations on the site potential for activation as a forest therapy experience.

Step 3

Request The Recommended Program for Your Site

Once a report has been accepted, the Natural Area Consultant will work with you to establish a forest therapy base and a program which will include a forest therapy experience for your site.