Retreat into the quiet seclusion of Perup: Natures Guesthouse nestled amongst Jarrah forest in the heart of the Blackwood Valley.

We invite you to join us on a restorative 3 day nature immersion experience designed to slow you down and connect with your inner and outer nature through mindfulness meditation, forest therapy and nature journaling.

  • 2 Nights Accommodation at Perup: Nature's Guesthouse

  • Fully Catered Vegetarian Meals Showcasing Local Produce

  • Wildlife at Night Spotlighting Walk

  • Morning Guided Mindfulness Meditation

  • Forest Therapy Walk

  • Nature Journaling Workshop

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Nature Heals, Nature Soothes,
Nature Restores

We are part of nature. We come from the forests and have evolved to make sense of the natural world.

Often this embeddedness in the natural world can be forgotten. When we allow ourselves to slow down, become present and connect with our inner and outer nature the most beautiful experiences unfold.

Allow nature to heal, soothe and restore.

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The Guesthouse

Perup: Natures Guesthouse sits amongst Jarrah forest and is the State’s most important fauna reserve. Many rare and endangered mammals and birds call Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse home. As well as the iconic numbat, you are also likely to encounter tammar wallabies, ringtail and brushtail possums, quenda, woylies, phascogales and chuditch. Sustainability is at the core of Perup: Natures Guesthouse. You will be hosted in beautiful rammed earth buildings powered by solar. All of the water used on site is rainwater collected from the roofs of the buildings.  Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse is run by the Blackwood Basin Group Inc., a community managed landcare group that works to protect and enhance the environmental values of the Blackwood River catchment.


Mindful in Nature’s aim is to integrate biological systems to promote resilience, essential for the sustained maintenance of human well being and the planet. When you book on this retreat you are not only supporting you own wellbeing you are supporting the well-being of all living things on our planet through community landcare and environmental stewardship.


Accommodation - 2 nights accommodation in a private room, with a single bed. Facilities are shared.

Meals - Nourishing and comforting vegetarian meals are provided, lovingly prepared onsite using local produce. We will prepare 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners - dietary requirements are catered for.

Experiences – Daily mindfulness meditation, guided wildlife spotlighting walk, guided forest therapy walk, nature journaling workshop.


Travel to and from Perup: Natures Guesthouse is not included. We encourage sustainable travel and recommend sharing travel with others. Perup: Natures Guesthouse is located 314km south of Perth.